Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - May

Challenge for the month of May -- "Introduce Yourself"

I am:
a Child of God
the Son of Bob and Mary
the Brother of Julia
the Husband of Christy
the Father of Hannah
a lover of film, music, photography and a sponge of the interesting.

"Introduction" questions:
  • *How do you spend your weekdays? -- see "time" self portrait project
  • *Who lives in your house? -- Wife, Christy // Daughter, Hannah // Cat, Beaker // Fish, Jaws
  • *Favourite pastime -- watching movies (see sidebar on main page)
  • *Worst job -- I've been really fortunate to have good jobs over the years. If I had to name one as "worst," it would probably be my job at the Mail Center during my college years only because it made for many early mornings after many very late nights.
  • *Why are you doing self portraits? -- I love the monthy challenges. So many interpretations of a single idea. Plus, with a four-year-old running around the house, it's nice to have a subject who will sit still for a few moments.
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