Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bird on a cold, snowy roof

Bird on a cold, snowy roof

46/52 for Monochrome 52

SPC - Magic - #3 & #4

Here are my final two posts for Self Portrait Challenge's December theme, 'Magic.' #3:

Christmas Magic

Christmas magic is a toy train around your Lego Christmas tree outside of your Lincoln Log home -- with a creepy guy standing in the background for no reason.

Seriously though, this shot wouldn't be possible without my kiddos and they are among the things I love most about Christmas.

and #4:

Christmas Candy Magic

As we made some hard candy tonight, I was again amazed by the process of candy-making.  To watch through the various stages of the molten mixture changing texture, boil speed, temperature -- all without changing the applied heat or stirring.  It's gotta be magic!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Lemon Drop

The Lemon Drop

I guess because this building is bright yellow, I've never really considered it for a black and white photograph, but it turned out OK!

45/52 for Monochrome 52

Monday, December 17, 2012

SPC - 'Magic' - #2

Still Magic
Me and my girl on her birthday, Friday;

Her choice for dinner -- a local sushi place;
Kids even enjoyed going to a place they'd never been before (they were reluctant to try the sushi, but liked the teriyaki chicken and rice -- Harrison may or may not have been drinking his mix of soy sauce and wasabi);
Our favorite place for ice cream afterward and staying until closing;
First time sushi
Hugging these kids a little tighter and a little longer after the events of Friday morning;
Noticing the little things and realizing they are the big things.
This is magic.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Anderson Arts Center Chandelier

Anderson Arts Center Chandelier

This is a chandelier at our local Arts Center. My company hosted its annual Christmas party there last night. I was interested in this chandelier as a photographic subject, but I try to be discreet in such settings. This was meant to be just a blind (not looking through the viewfinder or live view) test shot for purposes of focal length and framing.

I ended up widening up a bit and getting a straight on shot without the camera shake, but ended up liking this one better, anyway. Go figure.

44/52 for Monochrome 52