Saturday, April 05, 2014

SPC - 'Instruments' - #3 & #4

Class of '92

Class of '92

The instrument I'm holding in the photo is a tenor saxophone. This was the horn I played throughout high school - marching band, etc. The horn belonged to my Uncle before it was handed down to me. When it came time to choose an instrument (5th/6th grade), my Dad made some calls and discovered that two saxophones that belonged to my Uncle were stored in an attic at my Granddaddy's farm. These were retrieved so that I would have a choice other than my Dad's trumpet/coronet. There was an alto sax case and a tenor sax case. When I opened the tenor sax case and saw that it was silver, the choice was made.

The "smokin' sax" poster belonged to me. I carted it to this photo studio twice (long story) to get this shot.

If you have a dictionary from around 1992 and you look up "cool" in it, you might just find this photo. :-)


  Photographic Instruments
Photographic Instruments

Hard to believe that in a photographic group such as this, that no one (else) interpreted the "Instruments" theme to include the optical instrument with the ability to record images that we all use week in -- week out - the camera.

The kids and I visited our very local State Park three times last week (their Spring Break) for various activities. On Sunday, the activity was a photo scavenger hunt. We succeeded in capturing most of the ten items (or our interpretations of them, at least). Most of the time, I had each kid with one camera body and spent my time watching them explore a bit. One objective was for them to build a shelter. We found this fallen limb and I threw my coat over it and they got in. I took both cameras and they thought it would be funny for me to take a picture of myself taking a picture of them in their 'shelter.'