Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sometimes the timing works out

As we've been experiencing our share of thunderstorms in recent days, it seems like the storm rolls in at the wrong time.

Last night, the storm was rolling in between 11 and midnight, so the kids were down and Christy was turning in also, so I took the opportunity to get away for a few photographs.

I've learned a few thing since the last time I made an actual effort to get lightning shots.

Still, I got lucky to have this one streak across the sky and fill my frame.

Summer Solstice Storm (SOOC)

I think I've got the basics of the technique. Now, I just need to scout better vantage points. Something with a more interesting foreground would be nice.

SPC - 'Speech Bubbles' - #4

SPC - 'Speech Bubbles' #4

La, la, la -- I'm not listening.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SPC - 'Speech Bubbles' #3

We met some good friends from college at the Indianapolis Children's Museum last Saturday which happened to be the opening day of their Rockstars: Cars & Guitars exhibit.

The exhibit was pretty cool. As you might imagine, there were many cars & guitars there on loan from artists and collectors.

One of the cars was an '89 Mustang given by Michael Jackson to Ryan White. Additionally, Ryan's family was at the exhibit, talking to visitors and sharing memories, etc.

They also had a Journey Tribute Band playing and I wished I had a lighter to wave during the chorus for "Open Arms."

Elvis was hanging out in the lobby and I snagged this arm's length self portrait with him.

SPC - 'Speech Bubbles' #3

In the background of this photo, you see a Rolls Royce that had once been owned by Barbara Mandrell. I looked for an '89 LeBaron previously owned by Jon Voight, but couldn't seem to find it. :-(

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

SPC - 'Speech Bubbles' - #1

It's June and we have a new challenge theme over at Self Portrait Challenge.

The theme is: 'Speech Bubbles'

The idea is to create a self portrait and include speech bubbles. The bubbles can either be completed or left blank. The fun is for viewers to come by and add their own captions to the speech bubbles.

SPC - 'Speech Bubbles' #1