Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SPC - Diptych - #4

Last week for this theme.

Lost Without You

FYI - Despite my previous post about recently acquiring a Polaroid camera, these are both photos taken with the trusty old Nikon D40 and processed using the Poladroid program mentioned previously.

Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm in the club...

Snagged this little beauty for one dollar at a rummage Friday. Perfect condition. Still had the box, the instruction manual, the registration card, etc.

Found plenty of 600 film at Wal-Mart (@$17 per 10-pack - ouch!).

I was so excited to snag the camera...so excited to find the film...now, I'm nervous about actually loading it and using it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Photo Friday - 'Shiny'

So I got these photos this week, and the Photo Friday is "Shiny."

I only submitted the last one here to PF, but I'm posting the whole series for this space.

I noticed in a traffic island nearby our house that there were these purple flowers in bloom, so I stopped one morning to snap a couple of photos of them.

Why I Stopped

When I got a bit closer, I noticed several ladybugs hanging out on the blooming flowers.

What I Noticed

I noticed this one, in particular, because he was sitting still.


Then I decided to get even closer.

Even Closer

Well, his shell it a bit shiny, no?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Well, a month has passed since we got back from our Spring Break trip to the Great Smoky Mountains/Gatlinburg and I haven't gotten anything up about it.

I'm just going to post a selection of photos from the trip (in approximate chronological order) so that it's on here.

Sunday - We made the drive down on Sunday after church.

Monday - In the park - Cades Cove

Cades Cove Panorama
(That's Hannah in the very bottom left corner of this panorama!)

Contemplative in the Cove



Mossy Fencepost


Tuesday - in Gatlinburg (Trolly, Browsing, Aerial Tramway to Ober Gatlinburg)

Wednesday - in the park - (Clingmans Dome, Newfound Gap)

The Family at Clingman's Dome Trailhead


Clingmans Dome View

Harrison at Newfound Gap

Hannah at Newfound Gap

Thursday - in Gatlinburg (Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, Souvenirs, etc.)

Inside the Tank (kind of)

Nurse Shark



Friday - We drove back to Indiana


This little stream was right outside the cabin where we lodged for the week.

I've been wanting to try this common slow shutter effect with moving water, but haven't had the opportunity until this trip.

I visited this location just about every night we were there and didn't get these until the last night we were there.



Mainly, it was a matter of getting out at the right time of evening -- when there was enough twilight left in the sky to provide the right amount of light. Not too much when I couldn't drag the shutter enough for the 'slow water' effect; and not too little when I was depending almost entirely on erratic and distant street lamps for light.

Earth Mosaic 2009 - Update

I mentioned that I was participating in the Earth Mosaic 2009 project.

They received 1630 individual images between April 22 and April 30.

They completed the mosaics and here's how they turned out:

small pics (on Flickr)
This first one contains 5800 images, which means that many of the images they received were used repeatedly, as needed. The higher pixel density allows for a clearer, higher resolution image of the Earth, but the sheer number of images makes it difficult for an individual to find the images that they submitted.

So, they did a second version:

large pics (on Flickr)

This second version contains 1643 images, so only a very few individual images are used more than once, but it makes the search for an individual image considerably easier.

I found mine!

Madison County Courthouse -- just off the North East coast of Brazil, near the Rio Grande do Norte

Spring Arrives -- a bit off the Westernmost coast of Africa, near the Cape Verde Archipelago

Park Place Church of God -- just off the coast of Antarctica, on line with Saudi Arabia, or thereabouts.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

SPC - 'Diptych' - #1

Another month brings another challenge theme for Self Portrait Challenge.

For the month of May, the challenge theme is: Diptych.

Diptych, literally, means "two folds" as I understand it.

Remember the type of photo frame that held two separate photos, but they were hinged together so they made a paired set? People put photos of two different kids or two favorite photos in it. I know my Parents still have one in their living room containing professional photos of my maternal and paternal grandparents.

Anyway that hinged photo frame is a sort of diptych. Basically, two separate photos put together for effect.

There are also triptychs and polyptychs (4 or more) which are allowed under the rules of the challenge theme.