Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SPC - 'Black & White' - #4


About a week ago, friends from college who are missionaries in Paraguay were involved in a fatal car accident there. The wife and mother, Julie, and her six-year-old son, Timmy, were killed in the accident. The father, Norberto, and adopted daughter, Anahi (18 months), survived the accident and are OK after a brief hospitalization.

While the university community through which Christy and I knew them mourns, it has been good to see and be a part of the outpouring of prayer and financial support to the Kurrle family.

This account of the memorial service for Julie and Timmy at their church in Paraguay is nothing short of inspiring (and heart-wrenching -- you've been warned) whether you knew this family or not.

Another college friend said this: "It is hard to be joyful in the midst of grief. I've experienced such a sadness since last week's tragic news of Julie and Timmy's deaths. But reading about what took place at Saturday's memorial service offers a glimpse at how joy and grief can co-exist. Julie is still teaching us, after death, through the memories of those individuals who had the privilege of knowing her."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cades Cove Black Bear

This was our third trip to the Smokies in four years -- and our first bear sighting! 
Cades Cove Black Bear

There was also a cub that you can't see in the first shot.

There were also some other odd creatures nearby:

Predators, by the look of them.


These creatures multiply with great speed:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sad Tulip

Sad Tulip

Inevitably, after the temperatures get warm enough to entice the tulips to blossom, we have a cold snap. Later this same day, this resilient little tulip was straight as an arrow, standing straight up. I guess a little bit of sunshine helps us all get through the days.

10/52 for Monochrome 52

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo Friday - 'Soft Light'

Our last day in the Smoky Mountains, we visited Cades Cove. Somehow, the previous time we were there (3 years ago), we must not have stopped at the Cable Mill section of the loop.

 As soon as I entered this room at the Becky Cable house, I was attracted to the light pouring in to this empty room from the north-facing windows.

 I asked Christy and the kids to pose for quick portraits.

Yes -- Harrison had a bit of a shiner on his left eye. The Friday before we left for Tennessee, he lost a fight with a teeter-totter at the park. We had a running game to guess what color his eye would be the next morning.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photo Friday - 'From My Window'

Just now getting in late on last week's theme: Hoping from my CAR window qualifies... 1-800-JESUS There are so many things wrong with this sign...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SPC - 'Black & White' - #2

...and a bw version for SPC!

Astute observers may notice that I have one wet pant leg here.  We had lunch near a rocky stream and the kids were enjoying jumping around the boulders among the stream.  I was helping the kids navigate across the trickier sections.

Harrison decided to use me and my arm as a repelling rope of sorts which had been OK the day before among similar terrain when I was wearing hiking boots and the boulders weren't quite as mossy.  Unfortunately, this time the rocks were wet and mossy and I was wearing my chucks.  Again, mostly OK, but one time he jumped out away from me when I wasn't expecting that and I lost my footing.

What you can't see in this photo is that my left hip was also soaked from when I fell and took a seat in the stream.

Could have been worse.  I managed to save D90 which I had across my shoulder.  I didn't have my camera bag with me at the time and I didn't have my iPod in my back pocket like I sometimes do.  My wallet in my left front pocket got a little wet, but nothing that wouldn't dry.  Both kids managed to stay mostly dry as well.

Pretty sure I wore my boots for all hiking/climbing activities the rest of the time.  :-)

Here's a color version of the same shot:
Every time. Hopefully more vacation photos coming soon!

SPC - Black & White - #1

The challenge theme for Self Portrait Challenge for the month of April is 'Black & White.'

This is a shot from our spring break vacation to the Smoky Mountains last week:
  Smoky Mountain Hiking Club Cabin

Ski Mountain Stream

Ski Mountain Stream

9/52 for Monochrome 52

Porter's Creek Moss

Porter's Creek Moss

8/52 for Monochrome 52