Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SPC - 'Headless' #5

Since there are 5 Tuesdays in March, there are 5 weeks of the March SPC theme, 'Headless.'

I'm bringing one out of the archives for this final week.

Some of you may remember this self portrait back from January, 2007.

This one is from that same session.

Rail Walker

BTW -- this is not a real Polaroid photograph. I've been enjoying a new program I found called, Poladroid. It takes digital photos and converts them to appear (in some regards, at least) as though they were taken using a Polaroid camera and film.

Be careful, though. It's addictive!

Here's the beginning of my growing set of Poladroids on my Flickr.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Friday - 'Extreme Closeup'

The Grander View

Recycling this one for the 'Extreme Closeup' theme over at Photo Friday today.

The folks at Life Images (who have used my photography before) saw fit to use this image in their Winter 2009 issue.

They require accompanying words with the image, so I found this quote from Les Misérables by Victor Hugo:

"Where the telescope ends, the microscope begins. Which of the two has the grander view?"

Seemed appropriate for this macro nature shot.


I had one other image lined up for them to use for a 'motion blur' theme, but it appears that they are not immune from the sagging economy and have scaled back their publications and cut the Spring 2009 edition which was to contain that theme.

Good weekend, everyone.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SPC - 'Headless' #3

A real head-scratcher

For Self Portrait Challenge -- 'Headless'

I was fascinated by the color contrast on this building, which apparently got hit by a vehicle of some kind, leaving this scrape. If you look in the lower right corner, you'll notice that perhaps this isn't the first time this building has had this happen!

...and just for St. Patrick's day, here's a special edition edit:
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Photo Friday - 'The Weekend'

I'm a little late getting this one up for the Photo Friday theme posted before the weekend, but once I saw the theme, this is the photo that leaped into my mind. I had taken it on the way to Michigan last summer (Labor Day Weekend). I hadn't ever edited it or uploaded it to the web anywere, so I finally got around to looking for it in my archives.

Hardly an excellent photograph, but I thought it captured the theme.

The Weekend

Auburn, Indiana is the home of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum and the Kruse International auction company. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival is held annually on Labor Day weekend which brings out lots of old cars, etc.

This guy was gearing up for The Weekend.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Photo Friday -- 'Isolation'

I've been 25% uninspired by the recent Photo Friday themes:

The Team
Morning Routine

...and 75% just plain old lazy.

I did post this for last week's theme, "City Life," but chose not to post it here because it has appeared on this blog before.

Here's this week:
Sorry, Holli!!