Thursday, May 04, 2006

Original Unaltered Trilogy Coming to DVD!!!

I just had to pick myself up off the floor. I'm stunned.

This is not a joke. Here's the link from the official site.

I'm not sure how to react:

I'm thrilled.
I'm angry.
I'm happy.
I'm anxious.
I'm skeptical.

There is already speculation and confusion about exactly what we'll get in this set. There are so many variations of these movies, nobody knows yet what to expect. Will we get the original 1977 crawl without "Episode IV?" Will we get the original effects blunders that have been cleaned up through the years? Will we get 2.0 channel audio, or something else? Will Luke scream like a little girl when he chooses to jump into the chasm at Bespin?

For now, I will wait and see. The set doesn't release until September 12, 2006, so I'm sure much more information (and mis-information) will surface between now and then

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