Friday, November 30, 2012

SPC - Six Word Story - #4

Say hello to my little friend
Say hello to my little friend

So, last time we did "Six Word Story" as a challenge theme for SPC (November, 2010), I managed to extract a few six word stories from a few favorite films (Lord of the Rings; Star Wars ; Jaws)

One that I considered, but never got around to was this line from Tony Montana/Scarface.

I'm taking a slightly less violent approach (though I'm not sure that Gingerbread Man will survive that head wound -- and that screw eye through the skull's gotta hurt).

This is easily the most diminutive Christmas ornament on our tree, so it seemed appropriate.

Alternate shot below:

Here's the artoo-nate shot:


Say hello to my little astromech

Thursday, November 29, 2012

All that remains...

All that remains...

42/52 for Monochrome 52

Revisiting this location as the building that once stood next to the remaining smokestack has been demolished, leaving only rubble.

SPC - Six Word Story - #3

85mm is too long for this
85mm is too long for this

This was the only thing I have passing as a self portrait for this week.

Standing on top of some monkey bars on an unseasonably warm Thanksgiving Day in the park adjacent to my old elementary school watching my kids play with cousins.

Some alternate titles: The Kit lens might've worked better.

Who says longer is better, anyway?

Shoes photo will have to do

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Friday, November 02, 2012

Inside A Grain Bin

Inside A Grain Bin

Inside a grain bin. This one had been emptied and was used as a location to watch a short video about working on a farm. I attended a field trip with my son and his Kindergarten glass a few days ago. Couldn't resist the radiating lines, here.

38/52 for Monochrome 52

SPC - 'Empty' #4

Only Empty Hands