Thursday, June 27, 2013

SPC - 'Blue' - #4

I don't always coordinate my clothing with buildings, but when I do.....

blue & orange.
Blue & Orange

I'm pretty sure it has been since the 'Blue' theme for June was announced that this building got painted in this manner. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to combine the theme color (blue) with my favorite color (orange) in a self portrait.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

SPC - 'Blue' - #3

Back to the Music

This is a wall I've had my eye on for some time now.  I conceived a shot like this the last time we did 'Blue' as a theme back in February, 2008, but there were always two hideous vehicles parked in front of this part of the building.  Always nice to have a second chance.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SPC - 'Blue' - #2

Superman Blue

This would have been a cool 'transition' shot from last month's 'superpowers' theme to this month's theme, 'blue' if I'd had this shirt last week. Turns out, I got this t-shirt as a (very cool) Father's Day gift today from the kids. The Superman logo is entirely blue, so I knew I had to use it anyway.

SPC - 'Blue' - #1

This is what I wrote to Self Portrait Challenge participants to introduce the new theme for the month of June: 'Blue.'

For the month of June, I intend to honor the founder of Self Portrait Challenge, Kathreen Ricketson.

Kathreen died tragically on May 16, 2013.

I'm revisiting the theme 'Blue' as it was a theme that she chose (February, 2008) and the news of her death has left me feeling a bit blue.

In her own words:

Blue is a cool colour - its the colour of the sky and of the water. But apart from its visual representation blue can also mean a number other things too - lonely and depressed [feeling blue]; sexual impropriety, or racy talk [blue jokes], blasphemous [blue language], aristocracy [blue blood].

The colour Blue in your chakra: Dark, clear Blue indicates a spiritual feeling. Light blue shows devotion to noble, spiritual ideals and the presence of the feminine energies. Muddy blue shows heavy karma, selfishness, possible non-belief in spirituality. Blue shows an active effort to communicate in a gentle way.

(Thanks to the Wayback Machine!!)

Having said all that -- please feel no obligation to adopt melancholy this month. Kathreen had taken her children out of school (homeschooling) and was travelling around Australia for a year, writing a book about their adventures in the process. Kathreen lived life fully and would encourage us all to do likewise, I believe.

For those who are interested in more news, there is more information and pertinent links at this thread.

Here is my first contribution:

Greetings from

Thursday, June 13, 2013

SPC - 'Superpowers' - 2/3/4

Apparently, one of my 'superpowers' is NOT keeping my blog current:

Just posting the photos - if you want a brief explanation of the photo, click it and the image on Flickr should have a bit more.

I've heard it said

Super Friends

The Force is strong with this one...