Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SPC - 'Takin' It To The Streets' - #4

Marine Drive Tunnel

I lived in Anderson for many years before I discovered this tunnel on a bike ride one day a few years ago. It's an odd place. I have a feeling that the tunnel is actually wide enough for two-way traffic, but there are dedicated traffic lights on each end that only allow traffic to go through one way at a time. There are no fewer than 10 lanes of train tracks running across it comprising the CSX Transportation Anderson Rail Yard. Of course, when we go this way, the kids insist that I beep my horn going through.

I usually do.

Here's a bonus shot. Just up the hill from this tunnel lives another oddity in Anderson: Norm's Alley:
What you see here is the beginning and end of this street. It connects a major North/South route, Madison Avenue, to Marine Drive where the above-mentioned tunnel is (Madison has its own tunnel, in case you were wondering).

Here's a top-down view:

I just love that this tiny connecting street receives its very own name -- and a quirky one, at that. No idea on the origin of the street's name or its namesake (fictional or otherwise).

Monday, June 13, 2011

SPC - 'Takin' It To The Streets' - #1

Path to Oak Lake

The new challenge theme for Self Portrait Challenge for June is officially "Takin' it to the Streets," but is inclusive of all thoroughfares: Roads -- Paths -- Trails -- Highways -- Sidewalks, et cetera...

I spent last week in the North Woods of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My cousin has a cabin up there and he graciously allowed its use by my family, including my Parents and my Sister and our families.

We had awesome weather and had a great time enjoying both the great outdoors as well as the cabin.

One of my favorite activities was going to the end of the dock and watching for loons, which were common to hear and see, but proved difficult to photograph.

This is the path that led from the cabin to the dock.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Photo Friday - 'People'


Extreme processing on a pretty boring image. The crowd at a Symphony on the Prairie concert - Conner Prairie - Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday, June 02, 2011