Tuesday, March 29, 2005


As a consumer of Star Wars Fan Films (like Pink 5, mentioned briefly here back in September), I'm sure that you've seen one of the best ones ever done, Troops. Well, what would effectively be the sequel to Troops is on the horizon for this Spring and it's title is, I.M.P.S. (Imperial Military Personnel Stories).

There was a news story on it over at TheForce.net and the teaser trailer is there too. Here's a link to the official site.

Now, here's the cool part; if you go to the F.A.Q. at the official site for the fan film under the question, "Who Made This?," alongside the makers of the original Troops, you'll see the name, Nathan Pata. That's Christy's second cousin!! That makes ME, like, an "Heir to the Empire", doesn't it, well, DOESN'T IT?!? At least I could be an Imperial stooge if George ever decides to make Ep. 7, 8 & 9. I'm already practicing my line: "It's them, Blast 'em." or, perhaps, [clears throat] "I have a BAD feeling about this." What do you think? Do I get the part??

Anyway, I met Nathan when we went out to California for Andrew & Carol's wedding. I'm not entirely sure what his full-time job is, but I believe it is in the entertainment/production industry. He has worked on several short films including Free of Rhythm [Watch It].

Thanks to Andrew and Nicki for making me aware of this, and to Nathan for paving my way to early retirement!

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