Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Eighth Anniversary Of The Day On Which Christy And I Were Married...

Last night, we were at the dinner table discussing our anniversary because Hannah had noticed our wedding picture out on the counter. Here is the conversation that ensued:

CHRISTY: That picture was from when Mommy and Daddy got married.

HANNAH: I better get married again! I will be a princess. I will drive my car outside and find my new house!

JEREMY: Are you going to get married to a boy?

HANNAH: To you.



Films Recently Watched:

The Whole Wide World (1996) dir. by Dan Ireland

Based on a true story, The Whole Wide World tells the story of two writers in an unlikely romance. One of the writers is Robert E. Howard, an eccentric "spinner of yarns" who created Conan, the character who, in 1982, became widely known on film as Conan The Barbarian.

The other writer is Novalyne Price, the writer of the book on which this film was based, One Who Walked Alone.

The film was pretty good, but the DVD is less than stellar. There were actually two DVD releases of this film, one bare-bones release in 2002 and another release in 2003 which is the one I borrowed from the library. The new edition does have two bonus features: an interview with the director Dan Ireland and co-star, Renee Zellweger (12 minutes) and a full-length audio commentary with Ireland and co-star Vincent D'Onofrio along with a few crew members. But even the newer DVD has some terrible flaws in the video transfer and the only audio available is Dolby 2.0. This film deserves better than that.

Bubba Ho-tep (2002) dir. by Don Coscarelli

Elvis and JFK are in this nursing home being terrorized by an ancient Egyptian mummy...

No, this isn't the introduction to the latest office joke, it's the basic plot of Bubba Ho-tep.

Unless you're a fan of Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead; Army of Darkness) or Don Soscarelli (The Phantasm series), don't bother.

Night and Day (1946) dir. by Michael Curtiz

A biopic of musician, songwriter, Cole Porter. The film seems to want to be a musical as there are many musical numbers, but isn't allowed to be as it takes a pseudo-biographical look at Porter (played by Cary Grant) from his college days to his successful career, but wavering marriage.

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) dir. by Irving Reis

A cute story of a schoolgirl obsession with an older man and her guardians' zany solution. Schoolgirl played by Shirley Temple. Older man played by Cary Grant. Also with Myrna Loy.

Interesting that Grant played these roles (Bobby-Soxer & Night & Day) on either side of his role in Alfred Hitchock's Notorious. I can't imagine three more asimilar roles, but Grant pulls them all off nicely.

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