Friday, November 30, 2007

Photo Friday -- 'Dead of Night'

Gotten out of the Photo Friday habit recently. Partly because of being busy, partly due to uninspiring themes, but I've missed some good ones too:

Real Life
The City

Acutally, looking at them all together, most of those aren't uninspiring at all. I guess I've just been lazy.

Anyway -- what I'm posting this week for the 'Dead of Night' might look familiar to those of you who follow my Self Portrait Challenge entries because I posted this back in May for the SPC theme, 'On The Street.'


'Shopping Cart' (below) was taken the same night in a parking lot across the street from 'Awning' (above). I ended up using 'awning' for SPC because the theme was 'On The Street' and not 'In A Parking Lot' but also, I think I got too attached to the location in 'awning.' I had found the door and awning along with the graffiti, corrugated tin siding, and downspout would make a cool setting at some point for a photo. I was 'done' with my photoshoot and walking back to my car when I saw the shopping cart just how you see it here and thought it might make a compelling image. So the tripod, camera, etc. all come back out for this shot. Now, separated by a few months from both, I think I actually like 'shopping cart' better.

shopping cart

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