Saturday, July 08, 2006

Photo Friday - 'Summer'

So far, I haven't yet had the opportunity to actually post a 'Photo Friday' photo on a Friday.

It seems to me that many of the contributors must have massive portfolios with pictures appropriate for whatever the week's theme happens to be because it looks like about half (often more than half) of the total contributions for the week come in on the Friday the theme is revealed.

For me, it usually means that if I want to contribute, I've got to keep a lookout between Friday and the following Thursday for an opportunity to get a picture that fits the theme.

For this week's theme, 'Summer,' I actually had several photos on hand that could have worked, but Hannah and I went to Shadyside Park this evening and I decided to experiment with a technique I read about in the Technique group at Flickr that involves panning with your in-motion subject through the a relatively long exposure. Among a very few experimental photos in which everything was not blurry was this one.

The color, the activity, the light all say 'Summer' to me, so, there you have it, a Friday Photo for Photo Friday (try saying that three times fast)!

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