Friday, July 21, 2006

Loon in the Water

Happy Friday!

No, I won't be getting a Photo Friday picture up until later this week. The theme is, "Common" juxtaposed to last week's, "Remarkable." I've got a few ideas, but nothing I already have seems to fit. Until then, I recommend that you go over to Photo Friday and check out some of the other contributors.

Moving on...

Did anybody else see M. Night Shyamalan on one of the Today show this week selling his new movie as kid friendly??

I haven't seen the film, but all the trailers I have seen make it appear to be scary enough to merit its PG-13 rating, but Night, in all his wisdom (& moreover, desire to sell tickets), says "8 and up." Wow.

Methinks he may be a little bit crazy!

Hope everybody out there has a great weekend!

Films Recently Watched:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) dir. by Garth Jennings
I'm not sure that the movie was the best way to introduce myself to this story. While watching it, I found myself thinking, "This would make a really cool book!"

Black Hawk Down (2001) dir. by Ridley Scott
I got the new 'Extended Cut' DVD from the library. The 8 minutes added back in don't do much for the movie. I love the theatrical cut and the 3-disc Deluxe Edition that I already own. This Extended Cut appears to be nothing more than an attempt by Sony Pictures to sell more DVDs.

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