Thursday, December 09, 2004

New Stryper???

Remember these guys??
(if not, feel free to expand your horizons by visiting their official website)

Could we BE any cooler??

Well, according to the Stryper Forum (YES, there is such a place and NO, I've never been there until today), they're in studio now recording a new album for 2005 to be followed by a World Tour.

I hear that instead of throwing those tiny little Gideon Bibles into the crowd, they've upgraded to the Thompson's Chain-Reference 15-pound Bible! So...who's goin'?

I'll admit that I liked these guys. I remember when To Hell With The Devil came out and my Mom bought the cassette for me and it had the "angel" artwork instead of the more common striped artwork...


Which would YOU rather have? I thought I was pretty special. I wondered if maybe it was one-of-a-kind since all the other copies I saw had the other artwork. At least, I figured that it'd be a collector's item someday, but now, I couldn't tell you where my copy is.

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