Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Harrison starts Kindergarten this year. Hannah is in fifth grade. DSC_4420_gimp_sooc_small DSC_4367_gimp_edit_smallDSC_4527_gimp_edit_small DSC_4380_gimp_edit_smallDSC_4385_gimp_edit_small DSC_4439_gimp_crop_smallDSC_4455_gimp_sooc_small DSC_4456_gimp_edit_smallDSC_4486_gimp_sooc_small

Day 1 was a success. Harrison wasn't sure about school lunch and spent a good portion of his recess time looking for his good friend from pre-school whom he finally found in the lines to come back inside, but otherwise he enjoyed his first day.

Hannah is a little disappointed that a good friend from last year doesn't appear to be in her class this year, but she's grown accustomed to changes from year to year and is very capable of making new friendships.

Christy also started Year 2 of her MSW program today. She has switched to part-time weekdays which means she goes to IUPUI Monday and Wednesday afternoons instead of all day Saturday. This means changes for everybody in our family, but I'm grateful to be a part of a family that rolls with such changes and pitches in where needed.

Feeling very blessed this good day.

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Bethany Rielage said...

Great pictures! I hope you all have a wonderful school year :-)