Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Mosaic 2009

I got an e-mail from a friend this week informing me about a project about which I had previously known nothing.

Earth Mosaic 2009

Here's their promo:

Take a Picture of the Whole Entire Planet

Got big plans for Earth Day?

Gonna build a windmill out of recycled soda cans? Or modify your car to run on potato peelings and hope?

Yeah, sure you are. How about something that’s simple enough to actually DO?

Something like taking a day-in-the-life portrait of the whole entire planet!

It's easy, just take some photos of the world around you on Wednesday April 22nd.

Then send your best snap to the good folks at Earth Mosaic, and they’ll use it to create a giant photo mosaic of the Earth!

Then you can totally brag to your greener-than-thou friends about how you participated in a global art project on Earth Day and all they did was buy organic yams. Wusses.
So, on this past Wednesday, I took a few opportunities through the day and snapped a few photos. Nothing out of the ordinary for me.

Here are the three that I have submitted to the project.

Park Place Church of God

Madison County Courthouse

Spring Arrives

That's it.

Even if you didn't know about the project, but you took some pictures on Earth Day 2009, you still have until April 30 to submit them to the project. Click the link above (or below) for more details.

Earth Mosaic 2009

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