Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween 2008

Just a couple days late on this.

Mainly just a few pictures to share.

This was the year for recycling Halloween costumes.

It was also the year for multiple choice costumes:

Over the course of several Halloween parties this year, we had a:
a.) dog
b.) cat
c.) Dumbo
d.) Indian Princess
e.) witch
f.) All of the above


Halloween Puppy
This was his costume for last year. He tolerated keeping the hood on this year only slightly better than last year.


Halloween Dumbo
We inherited this costume from my cousin whose boys are a few years older than Harrison. Thanks, Kris!

Dumbo is thirsty!


Halloween Cat
We've had Hannah's cat accessories for several years now. Seems like she's been a cat at some point during the time of Halloween just about every single year!


Halloween Indian Princess
Christy made this costume (the dress at least -- the vest, headdress and purse were purchased) several years ago. We were shocked to discover that it still fit her!

This is what Hannah wore to her friend's Birthday/Halloween party on Halloween night. I tagged along as a chaperone, but it was her first traditional 'Halloween' party. They did the ol' bowl of eyeballs, bowl of brains/guts, etc, they bobbed for apples, went on a haunted hayride, etc. She had a good time.


We got the dress and hat from Goodwill for a buck fifty. This seemed to be the costume about which Hannah was least excited, but I was the most excited. I managed to get her to 'pose' for me for a couple of decent shots.
Halloween Witch
This is her 'mean/scary' face. :-)

Halloween Witch (bw)
...and I liked this one with her just peeking out from under the brim of her witch hat.


I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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