Tuesday, December 05, 2006

SPC - Red - #1

Well, even though I ridiculed some who chose to sit out of the 'imperfection' theme in October, I then turned around and sat out the November theme, 'glam.' All I'm going to say is that an imperfection that I failed to mention in October is hypocrisy.

Regardless, November's 'glam' theme is finally over and December's theme, just in time for the Christmas holiday, is "RED RED RED."

Speaking of the Christmas holiday, sometime between now and then (hopefully), my wife, Christy, and I will experience the birth of our second child. Since the event is likely to be close to the 25th, we figured that between the Holiday-Visitors and New-Baby-Visitors, we will likely have some company along the way. Besides the unexpected visitors, Christy's mom will probably come from Michigan to stay for a little while to help out with the new baby, plus, Christy's Brother and his family are flying in from California on the evening of Christmas and will be staying here (on and off) for a few weeks. We've been doing what we can to prepare for these various visits. We've been doing various redecorating, reorganizing, cleaning, painting, installing, etc. Besides that, we had most of our Christmas shopping done before December arrived!

We received a gift certificate from a good friend to My Girlfriend's Kitchen as a Christmas gift. If you're not familiar with the concept (trust me, I wasn't), you choose 12 (or 6) meals from their menu for the month, then you go and prepare the meals using ingredients they make available, already cut, chopped, etc. using their utensils and they do the cleaning for you. You leave with your meals in baggies or pans, ready to freeze.

Christy went in November with her friend who gave her the gift certificate. We decided we would go ahead and do December too so that we would have some ready-to-make meals when baby arrives or for when we have company. This past Saturday, I went with Christy and we made our December meals together. Detailed instructions are provided at each station where each meal is assembled. Don't like an ingredient? Leave it out. Add a bit extra of something else you do like. In just a little over two hours, we had prepared our 12 meals, some split into half for smaller portions, all ready to freeze, thaw overnight, cook (again, detailed instructions are provided for preparation at home) and eat. We had a good time preparing everything together. I had a good time even though they spelled my name wrong:

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