Monday, March 27, 2006

I Want A Job In The Security Industry!!

First of all, I discovered (via The Sneeze) the scary story of a guy tearing up one of those dime-a-dozen credit card applications, taping it back together, filling it out, and mailing it in. Read his story to find out how it works out. It's frightening. We often just tear these things in half and put them in the trash, too.

And then tonight, I saw this story on

The headline was, "33 INJURED IN JET EVACUATION DRILL." So, I click -- and read. Apparently, in Germany, a crucial drill for evacuation procedures was taking place on the Airbus A380, soon to be the largest passenger jet in service. At this point, I bet you're thinking exactly what I was thinking -- that 33 injured must be a terrible set-back for Airbus, right?? Not so!! From the article: "Despite the injuries, Airbus said the plane passed its test." Flying colors might be pushing it, but Gustav Humbert, an Airbus manager begs to differ: "That was a very great success," he said following the bungled evacuation. Way to go, Gustav. How do I get this guy's job?

I'm already working on my resume' -- in light of these recent events, I believe I have every bit of the ineptitude it takes to succeed in the security industry.

Films Recently Seen:

Traffic (2000) dir. by Steven Soderbergh
I'm afraid that this was one that I'd seen before, but didn't remember. Does that ever happen to anybody else? It's so well done, you would think I would have remembered seeing it, but even in the course of watching it, I was thinking that maybe I'd started it and not finished it, but there were scenes that I definitely remembered seeing throughout the film beginning to end.

Envy (2004) dir. by Barry Levinson

Heaven Can Wait (1943) dir. by Ernst Lubitsch
A charming little romantic comedy. There are lots of genuinely funny moments in this film, though many of them play as a stage play would because the screenplay was adapted from the stage play, Birthday. The basic story: a man dies and decides that instead of presenting himself at the gates of heaven only to be rejected, he will simply save everybody the trouble by presenting himself in hell. Unexpected, the master there asks the man to explain his case. The rest of the movie is a series of flashbacks over the course of his 70 years. Birth, childhood, teenage years, courting, marriage, fatherhood, later life. The life he lived was far from perfect, but was it worthy of hell? Obviously, there are issues here for Christians as religion and, not to put too fine a point on it, Jesus Christ -- are never mentioned in the film. Regardless, I enjoyed it.

Ice Princess (2005) dir. by Tim Fywell
Yeah, that's right! What? Shut-up!!

Lost Horizon (1937) dir. by Frank Capra

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