Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Phi? Psi? Pi?

From Slashdot:

Annually, the National Hurricane Center prepares for 21 named storms in the Atlantic Basin (one for each letter of the alphabet minus q, u, x, y, and z). Hurricane Rita is the 17th named storm for the 2005 season. The 22nd named storm will be dubbed "Hurricane Alpha" -- #23 will be Beta, then Gamma, Delta, and so on through the Greek alphabet.

The article linked below has more interesting information about the history of naming hurricanes. I found it particularly interesting that women's names were used for all storms until 1979 when the feminist movement succeeded in persuading the World Meteorological Organization that men can be "stormy" too. Strangely, none of the feminists who raised the protest were named Queenie, Uma, Xena, Yolanda, or Zoey -- hmmm.

Films Recently Watched:

Wimbledon (2004) dir. by Richard Loncraine
Better than expected. The story was predictable and rife with clich├ęs, but I really liked some of the camerawork, colors, and visual effects in this.

Spellbound (1945) dir. by Alfred Hitchcock

Whale Rider (2002) dir. by Niki Caro

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