Monday, April 25, 2005


Except for Christmas, this is the first whole week of vacation that Christy and I have taken for quite some time.

It started off on the wrong foot, though. Car trouble. Friday afternoon, Christy called me at work and said that a battery indicator had lit up on our good car. I called my mechanic in Alexandria, who promised he'd take a look at it if we could get it there. He replaced the alternator, but that didn't fix the problem. It appeared to be in the wiring and it would take more than an afternoon to find and fix. We were planning one trip to my Parent's house on Saturday and another for Sunday through Tuesday, so we made the trip Saturday in my old clunker car and Dad let us borrow his car for our other trip (thanks, Dad!).

My family has several birthdays in mid-April that we usually are able to celebrate when we get together for Easter, but with Easter falling so early in the year this year, we decided a separate gathering would be better.

Hannah outside Grandma's house

Sunday, after church, we traveled to Columbus, Indiana. We stayed at a Holidome there and enjoyed using those facilities, but mainly, we just wanted a chance to get away as a family. We had wonderful weather the whole time we were there. Columbus has a number of walking/bike trails throughout the city, including directly behind our hotel. We did some walking outside to enjoy the weather, but wish we'd brought our bikes. Inside, we did some mini-golf, ping-pong (as much as can be done with a 3-year-old) and some swimming.

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During Hannah's nap on Monday afternoon, I went and did some sightseeing. Columbus is known for it's architecture. Here are a few pictures:

Second St. Bridge from the riverEven the county jail is beautiful

Second St. Bridge from the highway

Back of SBC buildingFirst Christian Church steeple

We also did some shopping at the nearby Edinburgh Outlet Mall on Monday.

Tuesday, we traveled home and I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. Later, we got the bikes out and went for a ride around our neighborhood.

Wednesday, Hannah went to daycare and Christy and I were able to relax a little. We still had wonderful weather, so we had lunch on the outdoor patio of one of our favorite restaurants. We also found a movie to go see, Beyond The Sea.

We also got our car back from the mechanic on Wednesday (yea!!) and paid for the work (boo!!).

Thursday was Hannah's surgery (see below). We had dinner delivered by some friends from church who knew about Hannah's procedure. "Thanks" to them and also to one of our pastors, Larry Lipps, who came to the hospital and prayed with Hannah and sat with us during most of her time there.

Hannah was completely back to normal by Thursday night, so we let her go back to daycare on Friday and Christy and I ran some errands, etc.

Films Recently Watched:

Lost In Translation (2003) dir. by Sophia Coppola

Beyond The Sea (2004) dir. by Kevin Spacey
Another biopic/musical, but not about Cole Porter this time. Kevin Spacey writes, directs, and stars in this Bobby Darin biopic. Furthermore, Kevin Spacey does all of his own singing for the film. I was impressed that he not only sang, but managed to sound like Bobby Darin, too.

Minority Report (2002) dir. by Steven Spielberg
Whittling away at the Spielberg catalog lately...
Excellent realization of a future world, good concept, good story, good acting, good effects, etc.
Makes me anxious to see the next Spielberg/Cruise project, War of the Worlds, in theaters June 26, 2005.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) (Extended) - dir. by Peter Jackson
I got the extended edition from the Library. I own the theatrical edition, but am holding off on purchasing any of the extended editions so as to not violate my "no-double dipping" rule on one film/one format. Frankly, though, I must admit that the extended cut of the film is a better film than the theatrical release. As a reader of the book on which the film is based, I enjoyed many of the added and extended scenes that bring the film more in line with the novel.

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