Monday, January 10, 2005


Well, due to the recent ice storm, we've been refugees for the last 4+ days. Our electricity went out sometime Wednesday night and as of right now, it's still not back on (115 hours and counting). The only promise we've gotten is that it should be back on by this coming Wednesday.

HUGE thanks to our friends, John and Kathy, for taking us in on Thursday. I think we all believed that it would just be for one night. Well, tonight will be the fifth night that we've slept under their roof. Hannah's been hit and miss on sleeping in her bed for the full night. She's been up crying at 4 and 5 in the morning a couple of nights and unwilling to go back to sleep. Trust me, that's no fun for anybody in the house. They've been very patient and we appreciate their hospitality very much!

Other than the sleep thing (and perhaps including that), Hannah's been having a grand time at their house. Last night, we went to check on our house, as we've been doing at least once a day, and as we got close, Hannah started yelling, "I want to go to John & Kathy's!" She speaks only for herself, though. We love them and, again, are grateful for their willingness to open their home to us, but Christy and I are both anxious to get back to our home. When we were there last night, I noticed that I could see my breath while standing in our living room! I checked the thermostat - it only registers down to around 55, but the needle had snapped off and was lying on the floor, twitching!

Oh, and a bit of advise for you. If you're ever displaced from your home by a storm, etc., CALL YOUR MOTHER!! My Mom spent at least three days trying to track me down. She called everybody she could think of who might know where I was including local friends, my entire church's pastoral staff and the Anderson Police Department! (I have had WAY too many unwanted encounters with the Anderson Police!) I finally called her on Saturday when Christy noticed a number on her pager that she didn't recognize. As soon as I saw it I was like, "uh oh!" I should have called sooner, but honestly didn't think of it. Sorry Mom.

I hope to get the blog updated with news from our holidays and a bunch of "Films Recently Watched" including a couple of new theatrical releases! Stay tuned.

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