Thursday, October 07, 2004

Only about 13 years late...

Buy it from AmazonOK, so I was at the library a few days ago mainly looking for my weekly helping of DVDs, and I also found this CD. For those who don't recognize or can't read the CD cover, it is Metallica's self-titled release (commonly referred to as "The Black Album"). I think the only music I'd heard from Metallica before this was "Garage, Inc." which I guess was supposed to be a return to their early sound (and probably a shot at cashing in on the 90's grunge scene). I didn't care for Garage. I couldn't get past the foul language and the raw production. I also heard their cut "I Disappear" on the Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack and liked it, but figured that was an exception related to it being tied to a pretty mainstream Hollywood movie. Anyway, I've been listening to The Black Album for a few days and I really like it.

I am aware that most Metallica purists believe that the production of Bob Rock on this and subsequent albums killed Metallica, but I have a feeling that the production on this album is why I like it. I'll try to get my hands on "With Justice For All" or "Master of Puppets" to see what I think of those. I've seen the "St. Anger" DVD at the library too, so maybe I'll pick that up.

I've discovered since college that I really like rock music with a little bit of an edge, but can't deal with the foul language that often is a companion to these "edgy" bands. Anybody have suggestions on bands like this? I'm sure I'll face ridicule for this, but the only bands I've found that are kind of like this so far are: Creed, Fuel, Linkin Park, Nickelback, and now this Metallica Album from 1991. Suggestions? Comments?

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