Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Forced Perspective Update

Hey, guess what?

Remember this post? You don't have to click the link, you can probably just scroll down a few posts. As I mentioned, I was thinking about trying to do one of these "forced perspective" photos. Well, I took several and submitted two to the website, Parking Spots and they put them up on their site!

Here are the two that got posted:
(click on the pictures to see them in context at Parking Spots)

Link to this post at 'Parking Spots'

(Please take note of Hannah's fine work on the decals)

Link to this post at 'Parking Spots'

These weren't as easy as I thought they would be. They're not hard, it just takes some practice to get everything right. The hardest part is not looking like a complete idiot while standing in a public parking lot while holding a child's toy and taking a picture!

Would love to see other readers here try their hand at this novel concept and share their results.

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