Monday, October 25, 2004

Autumn Party #3

What is it with these fall parties and the weather? It's not that we haven't had any nice days/evenings this fall; we have; just not on the days we're trying to do these parties.

Autumn Party #3 was with our Sunday School Class. We were supposed to be outside at somebody's house, but were relocated to the church after it rained all day Saturday.

I must admit that at the party Saturday night, we were a little out of our element. I'm 30 years old now and Christy is, well, ~ahem~ not yet 30. I doubt that there was anybody else at the party younger than 40 (except for Hannah and a few grandkids). They played a couple of games to identify photos of radio and television stars of the early days. I recognized Bob Hope, but that was about it. They also played a game where you were to match up old radio programs with their descriptions. I got "Little Orphan Annie," but, again, that was about it. Bill (Christy's Dad), I wish you'd been with us, we could have cleaned up on those radio programs! Regardless, good food, good people, good times. Several made specific efforts to make us feel welcome and I absolutely believe that we were welcome, just a little out of our element, like I said.

When we get to Sunday School on Sunday mornings, we never feel out of place. We learn from the teaching that happens there and enjoy hearing others' thoughts about the topic as well as expressing some of our own. We sampled several different classes recently when we were looking for a new class. We tried several that had young adults/young families, etc. None of those felt like the right fit for us. This older class just seemed like what we were looking for in terms of teaching.

Films Recently Watched:
Well, none, really.

Christy and Hannah had Annie (1982) on a little and Lady and The Tramp (1955) on a little, but I don't think anybody was able to sit down and watch them entirely.

I'm halfway through City of God (2002) and Touch of Evil (1958), but both are due back at the library tonight, so I won't be able to finish them.

Finally, for all you Star Wars fans, The Official Site has officially announced that the Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith teaser trailer will make its theatrical debut with the new Pixar film, The Incredibles, which opens Friday, November 5, 2004. Members of's pay site, Hyperspace, get to see this trailer online beginning November 4, 2004. A friend from work is a Hyperspace subscriber, so I'm sure he'll be kind enough to let me see it on the 4th (right, Doug??).

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