Tuesday, March 02, 2010

SPC - 'With Someone' - #1

So, it's March and a new month means a new challenge theme for participants at Self Portrait Challenge.

The challenge theme is With Someone

This is another repeat challenge theme. We did this theme back in September of 2006 on the old site, which, alas, appears to be -- no more. :-(

It is important, I believe, to realize that self portraiture is not entirely about one's self, as counterintuitive as that may seem. I have heard many people who make self portraiture a regular part of their lives say that it has at least as much to do with their family -- especially their children -- as it has to do with themselves. I imagine that many of us who do this also find themselves as the designated photographer for their family. This often results in the phenomenon of the "missing photographer" (i.e. the person taking the photos rarely appears in said photos). Self portraiture is a means by which this phenomenon can be balanced, at least partially.

Certainly, I, and many others, also find that it is an effective way of expressing one's self in an artistic and often uncharacteristically emotional way. It is also a practical method of finding a willing and available subject, but still, I think it is unfair to consider self portraiture as an entirely selfish pursuit.

....and so, for the month of March, we will make obvious that which we already know by including "someone" in our self portraits.


These photos were taken yesterday, March 1st; the 13th anniversary of the day on which Christy and I were married.

Some recent events involving close friends struggling with marriage and relationships have caused us to realize how lucky and blessed we truly are.

I'm thankful everyday for this woman I married. Thirteen years later, I would do it all over again.

13 Years

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Julia said...

So sweet. I have tears in my eyes because I know the love that you and Christy share and your pictures in part portray that love. I love your looks in the top picture, especially! Todd and I also often reflect on how we seem to have "got it right" when we look at others close to us who struggle with their relationships. Todd usually reminds me that luck plays little to no part in making a marriage work. Working together, communicating, submitting to one another, wanting the best for one another, making sacrifices for one another, forgiving one another, choosing to love one another - it's hard work, but well worth it! And counting on God to be that "third strand" in our marriage is what holds us together. Jeremy - you and I are also blessed in that we had loving, Christian parents who exhibited this kind of relationship to us growing up. I am glad that Christy did, too! And I am glad that we are able to be an example to our children in this area as well! Happy Anniversary! ~ Love, Julia