Tuesday, March 09, 2010

SPC - 'With Someone' - #2

With Hannah
This was a quick snap I took as the school bus was approaching Monday morning.

Here are some other photos I took back in February for the celebration of the 8th anniversary of the day on which she was born:

The Two Hannahs
I kid you not -- these two photos were taken mere seconds apart from one another.

They are quite representative, though. Though "Attitude Hannah" (left) is certainly a part of her personality, to her credit, she is most often kept at bay by "Sweet Hannah" (right). We realize that it can't last forever, but we still try to protect her from exposure to many forms of media influence and steer her toward wholesome books, which, to be honest, is pretty easy because our girl loves to read.

She is like her mother in so many ways: Godly, sweet and pretty. She sees the best in others. She prays for her "enemies" -- God bless her -- with a sincerity of which I'm not sure I'm capable.

She is (generally) obedient. She willingly helps with her little brother, though in her desire to be "mothering" to him, she occasionally drifts into "smothering" territory. :-)

She is a bright and diligent student.

I just couldn't be more proud.

Funny Girl


Julia said...

Would you please stop making me cry with your poignant "with someone" posts? :)

sarah in pisces water said...

I love that you're aware of what she takes in through the media and steer her towards reading. There are so many wonderful, wholesome books to read. I read many as a child and plan to steer my own boys towards them.

Your girl is beautiful and it sounds like she was given to just the right parents.