Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SPC - 'With Someone' - #4

Well, I've used all my obvious targets.

Maybe I'm cheating here, but I figure since I featured each of them individually, that maybe I could get away with using them one more time, collectively.

Plus -- as I'm sure many of you know, yesterday was an important day -- a historic day -- a day not without controversy nor long delay, but the task has been accomplished:

Polaroid Film Reappears

What? What did you think I was talking about??

Beyond the introduction to new Polaroid film, I also managed to score two (2) Polaroid cameras at Goodwill on Saturday (50% off day!)!

One is a Spectra camera. I have no film for that camera -- still crossing my fingers for The Impossible Project to come through on Spectra film.

The other is a OneStep, very similar to the one I've been using, only this one has a flash and appears to have the ability to focus closer. The OneStep uses 600 film which I have one pack remaining.

It was in a package stating "Buy 4 packs of 600 film and get a OneStep Camera FREE!" Only all the film was gone. I hesitated about the purchase because I already had the Spectra camera in my cart, but the camera was new in the box -- never opened, and the half off sale made it a buck fifty, so I went ahead. To my surprise, when I got home and opened it up, the flash charged and lights came on. They shipped it with a pack of film already inside! The pack in the camera only has (had) six shots on it instead of ten, and the film expired in 2001! I'm happy to have 16 shots now instead of 10 (until I can get some of the new stuff!), but it definitely made the purchase worthwhile.

So, in honor of the historic day for Polaroid and a lucky find at Goodwill, my contribution for Self Portrait Challenge - 'With Someone' is this photo of each of us in all of our 9-years-expired Polaroid glory:

Polaroid Lives!

As you can see, Polaroid film doesn't age particularly well. Though, the inability to predict what any single image is going to produce is a fun little mystery in itself.

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