Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SPC - 'Pet Peeves' - #4

Please Don't LitterThis is not an "anti-smoking" message. This is an "anti-littering" message.

If these people can't stand to have them in their own vehicles (where they smoke, anyway, right?), what makes them think we want them littering our streets and highways (and rivers and oceans, etc.)?

THIS is one of my top Pet Peeves. I see it constantly, but I don't feel like there's anything I can do about it -- especially along the highway. I could beep my horn, but will they understand why? Probably not. I could run their vehicle off the road and then calmly explain to them the problems with littering, but I'm not sure the law is on my side for such altercations.

It drives me CRAZY!!



Jeremy Stockwell said...

I have noticed twice since I first saw this picture, people throwing the empty package out the window. I think that's pretty hard to excuse.

Jeremy Stockwell said...

That was Christy.

the fowlers said...

a mild-mannered friend of mine down here in nashville has a story about this. on a sunny spring day, he was waiting at a red light when the car in front of him opened the driver's door and dumped his entire ashtray onto the road.

my friend then put his car in park and walked up to the car. he then squatted down and scooped up all of the ashes and butts that he could. at this point, he had the driver's attention and so he said "sir, you dropped this" as he threw a grey cloud of dust into the car through the open window.

the offending litterer was so stunned that my friend had to drive around him as the light turned green.

Julia said...

Are you sure that wasn't Jeremy? He HAS been to Nashville before, where I saw him responding to another pet peeve of his! :) But that's another story!

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Julia, you forget, Lonnie said that his friend was "mild-mannered," so clearly -- not me.


I did post a personal story of a confrontation surrounding similar events over on this photo on Flickr, if you're interested.

I'll have to remember the ashes story, though. That's a good move.