Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SPC - 'With Someone' - #3

Harrison is all boy and as sweet as can be.

He reminds me of myself in many ways -- he is:
Cautious about some things, impulsive about others

He makes friends slowly, but once that friendship is established, he is unwaveringly loyal.

As long as it lasts, I will cherish every moment that he will still let me hold his hand.

With Harrison

For my SPC shot With Hannah last week, I put up some alternate shots, one of which was a diptych of images taken just seconds apart that show two distinct sides of her personality. I thought I'd do the same for The Boy:

The Two Harrisons
Those are from August of 2009.

Here are two more recent shots:
DashingPee Wee Basketball

The one on the left was from earlier tonight. Mommy was having him try on some potential Easter clothing. He wasn't entirely happy about it. :-)

The one on the right was from a couple of weeks ago when Harrison completed his Pee Wee Basketball camp at our church.


Julia said...

Did he just love basketball or what? Look at that grin on his face!

Jeremy Stockwell said...

He liked basketball, but it took him most of the time allotted for each exercise to engage in the exercise.

Especially the first week, I spent most of my time operating his arms and legs to dribble, pass and shoot.

I told his coach I felt like it was "Weekend at Bernie's" all over again.

Did I mention he could be stubborn?

I wonder where he gets that???