Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo Friday - 'Nature'

"Nature" is a bit broad for a Photo Friday theme, I think.

Fortunately, with the recent snow and frost, I have found some opportunities to get out and shoot a bit.

Here's one of my favorites, which was taken just outside my place of employment. As I was pulling into the parking lot one frosty morning, I noticed this male cardinal flitting around in some nearby bushes and trees. I missed the shot that I really wanted where he was perched on the very end of a branch, but a bright red bird in a frost-covered bush tends to be visible, regardless. On this one, there's just enough separation around the bird that I thought it would work. It isn't as sharp as I'd like it to be, but it's not bad for shooting out the car window, I suppose:

Notice Me!


Julia said...

It's beautiful! I always think of Mammaw when I see a beautiful "red bird" and I know she would be so pleased with this one if she could see it!

henzy said...

gorgeous photograph.. perfect timing i must say