Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Egg Hunt #1 (2006)

We had considerably better weather than last year for the Easter Egg hunt hosted by Christy's work. We were grateful for that.

Playin'Sticking the tail on the bunny

Also over the weekend, we visited with a mutual friend from college, Christa Shoot. We'd lost track of her until recently when we ran into her at the AU Hoodwinked event. Since then, we'd had her over for dinner and decided that we should meet at her place for lunch one Saturday and then go to the Children's Museum together for a live production of E.B. White's Stuart Little there at the Lilly Theater.

When I realized that we were going to see Stuart Little, I thought it might be a good idea to read the book to Hannah before we went. We read to Hannah all the time, but this was her first "chapter book" and she did quite well with it. Many of the individual chapters in the book are self-contained adventures, so that probably helped make the transition easier.

It was the first play that Hannah had seen. She did a good job paying attention and being quiet during the production. I hope that reading the book beforehand helped with this.

The other exhibit at the Children's Museum that I was excited to see was the new Fireworks of Glass exhibit. After a leisurely lunch and then the play, we were pressed for time before the museum closed, so we didn't get to do much of the interactive part, but just seeing the tower was pretty neat. We quickly noticed that the exhibit is not only different from various angles, but also from various types and sources of light.

Fireworks of Glass is a permanent exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's museum. If you're coming sometime, let us know -- maybe we could join you!

Fireworks of Glass
From above looking downFrom below looking up
And, of course, you can't go to the museum and not ride the carousel.
Carousel of Dreams
Good day.

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