Friday, March 31, 2006

What Time Is It??

Clock w/o hands from Bergman's film, 'Wild Strawberries'I believe that this will be the first time in my life that I've "sprung" forward. Yes, the State of Indiana has officially joined the rest of the goofy nation and adopted daylight saving time.

Overall, though, my take on the whole issue is a big, "so what."

I can see that the whole thing is silly. I can see how it is important to businesses/commerce. I can see that the "solution to the problem" in Indiana is no less confusing than it was before. I can see that no daylight is actually being saved by anyone anywhere. I can see how energy conservation is a factor.

Regardless, I will set the clocks at my house ahead one hour Saturday night before I go to bed. I will set an alarm so that I will wake up one hour earlier than it feels like I should on Sunday morning. Come October, I will return our clocks to standard time and I will stay up an extra hour, likely watching a movie. I will get over it.

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