Thursday, March 02, 2006

Recent Losses

Dennis WeaverDon KnottsDarren McGavin

Just wanted to acknowledge the recent losses of actors, Dennis Weaver, Don Knotts, and Darren McGavin.

Many know Dennis Weaver from his television roles, but to me, he will always be remembered as David Mann, running for his life from a maniacal, but never-seen truck driver in Steven Spielberg's Duel. You can't beat me on the grade. You can't beat me on the grade!

Though he had a few memorable film roles, Don Knotts will be forever known to me as Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith Show. Nip it in the bud.
Runner up: Ralph Furley from Three's Company. Despite my Mother's best efforts, my sister and I found a way to watch this show whenever possible.

Again, many will remember Darren McGavin from his television roles, but to me, he will always be 'the old man' from A Christmas Story, an annual Holiday treat in our household. McGavin is perfect in his role as the short-tempered, furnace-fighting, profanity-weaving, prize-winning father who ultimately delivers the goods for Ralphie. Nottafinga!!

They will all be missed.

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