Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I've got four simple words you need to remember:





Got it?

Forget X3
Forget Mission Impossible 3
Forget Fast and the Furious 3
Forget Superman
Forget Pirates of the Caribbean

This movie (starring Samuel L. Jackson) could end up being the movie event of the summer.

It's got the internet abuzzin':

Here's probably the premier source of information about this phenomenon, Snakes on a Blog.

The listing at Wikipedia: Snakes on a Plane

IMDb listing

And here's the discussion thread at the Home Theater Forum. Warning: Some foul language being used there on this particular thread (what do you expect? it a Sam Jackson flick).

just so you get the idea though...

Some quotes:

'Snakes on a Plane!'
It already is the tagline, the premise and the title.
It's everything! That's why this movie is the best thing to ever happen. And you have to tip your hat to Samuel L. Jackson for only needing to hear the title to know that this is something he needed to be a part of.

I can't wait for this thing. Unintentional comedy or no, just the sheer balls of Hollywood saying 'yunno what? It's snakes on a plane. You're going to see it or you won't. But it's snakes on a plane, so I bet you will' that has me dying laughing everytime I think about it. No movie can get any more high concept. None. The pitch is the TITLE. That's it. It's beautiful. I cannot wait.

Snakes on a plane, man. C'mon. Look at the thread. look what happens. If you're in a group of people larger than three, and you see that poster, or you see that ad--you're going to see the movie. it's just going to happen. Your brain will not allow you to pass up the opportunity to watch something that WILLFULLY and PROUDLY calls itself 'Snakes on a Plane' with a straight face.

I also really hope that Steve Irwin shows up at some point in the film, I would love to see Sammy snap his neck for dangling his kid over that Crocodile.

Apparently, they are doing 5 days of reshoots, basically to add scenes to make it an R rated film. Now, that's a first.

and the sequel: Snakes on a Plane 2: Snakes on a Boat


I'm totally seeing this! And it gets the sidebar countdown!! ---->

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