Friday, May 14, 2010

Photo Friday - 'Symbols'


After the onslaught of actual Polaroid posts last week, I should probably mention that the above is not an actual Polaroid print, but rather a digital photo converted using a program called Poladroid to appear similar to a Polaroid.

The left is the arrow found in between the E and the x in the FedEx logo. The right is the same photo, color-inverted and rotated 180 degrees.

For the curious:

It's a curse! Once you've seen it, you'll never again not see it. The blue and orange shades of the logo don't even exist for me anymore.

BTW -- HERE is a link to an awesome article/interview with the designer of this FedEx logo.

1 comment:

Joan said...

Very interesting! Now I'll always see the arrow too. (I hadn't noticed it consciously, before... (maybe on a subliminal level...))