Tuesday, July 01, 2008

SPC - 'Skill'

So for the month of July, participants at Self Portrait Challenge are allowed to put their clothes on again. The new theme is 'Skill.'

Occasionally, I notice other people on the road driving...and doing nothing else!! I think to myself, "What a Waste!" I think of all the other things they could be doing at the same time and I'm always amazed by their selfishness and lack of ingenuity. This is what is wrong with America! Sometimes I put my coffee down long enough to roll my window down and tell these ridiculous people what I really think of them -- for their own good of course.


Like Rainman...

Here I am, eating breakfast, talking on the phone, reading the morning paper, putting on my make-up, digging a hole (and filling it back in again), washing the laundry and planting corn -- oh, and operating an automobile, too -- commuting to work.

The very picture of efficiency.

Just like Rainman. I'm an excellent driver.

Find out what Skills others are demonstrating this month over at Self Portrait Challenge.

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