Saturday, July 05, 2008

Photo Friday - 'Spiral'

Primary Playground Revisited
If this shot looks familiar to you, it's because you've been paying attention. Congratulations! It is very similar to the shot I used a few weeks ago for Photo Friday's theme, 'Minimalism.'

I revisited this location for a couple of reasons.

1.) The older shot (Primary Playground) needed the square crop to be effective.

2.) Low resolution (on the older shot). This is partly related to the crop mentioned in #1, but is also related to an older digital camera (which served me well, bless it) with only 3.1MP max which was used to take the photo.

Strangely, within a couple of weeks of taking the newer shot, I was contacted by a company about using Primary Playground in a book they were working on called Fantastic Plastic. Knowing that they would eventually ask for a high resolution copy for printing (that didn't exist), I referred them to my new shot, 'Revisited.' In passing, I also mentioned that only the yellow background in the photo is actually made of plastic, and that the red post and blue spiral are both made of metal -- just in case it made a difference for the subject of the book. It made a difference. They were glad that I mentioned this but informed me that the image would not be suitable for this publication. Oh well.

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