Tuesday, September 26, 2006

SPC - 'with someone' #4

Well, I've covered my closest family:
Self Portrait w/ ChristyWeek 1: Christy, My Wife

Self Portrait w/ HannahWeek 2: Hannah, My Daughter


Family PortraitWeek 3: The rest of my immediate family

So, this final week of Self Portrait Challenge's theme, 'with someone,' I thought I'd post a picture with friends, instead:
Self-Portrait with Friends
We had spent the majority of this particular night mourning the untimely loss of a good friend. We decided to go out afterwards for a bite to eat and to decompress. More on the details of that evening HERE.

When I set the timer on the camera to get this shot, all three of the other guys were on their cell phones. Now, to be fair, they were all checking in with their wives and families, but seeing as I don't even carry a mobile phone, I thought it might make a funny picture.

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