Friday, September 15, 2006

Photo Friday - 'Bright'

Here's a picture of a 'Lonely Tree' of which I'm quite fond. It's not my 'favorite' Lonely Tree, though. My favorite Lonely Tree is on a county road near Lizton, Indiana that we often pass while driving to my Parent's house. I have old pictures of that tree in its four seasons, framed, and hanging in our hallway in our house. All those pictures were developed from film, though, before I switched to digital. Maybe someday I'll scan them (but probably not).

This Lonely tree:
is near Alexandria and on my way to work. I hope to get pictures of this tree for all four seasons. When I do, you know where to find them!
I liked the sunburst effect caught through the branches of this particular photo, so I'm posting it for today's theme at Photo Friday, which is 'Bright.'

Have a weekend!

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