Thursday, April 21, 2005

Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong...

I believe the technical name is "bilateral tympanostomy," commonly known as having tubes put in one's ears. Well, you may not know this, but I am a firm believer that the medical establishment is a business like any other business. And business needs customers. And, they want to sell you their most expensive item which is unnecessary surgery. My "doctor" referred me to an "ENT" (not a walking tree for those LOTR fans out there) who tried to pull this racket over on me. Luckily, my friend, Bob Saccomanno, referred me to his friend, Tor Eckman, an herbalist, a healer. He's holistic! He fixed Hannah right up!


And it only cost me 38 bucks!

Seriously, though, Hannah had a small surgery this morning (at the hospital) to have tubes put in her ears. She has had pretty regular ear infections most of her life so far. We hope that this procedure will keep her off of antibiotics and help her ears to heal.

Well, everything went fine. Hannah was a little fussy coming off of the anesthesia, but seems to be bouncing back already!

Oh, one other thing; our dismissal instructions indicated that Hannah should be in the care of a responsible adult for 24 hours. Anybody know one? Let me know, thanks!

We're on vacation this week! More updates and pictures coming soon from that!

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