Tuesday, April 12, 2005

College Buddies

Pat, Prinkey, Me, Randy

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Got together with a few buddies from college tonight. Pat was in town for his SOT classes, so Prinkey and Randy joined me in Anderson to hang out for a while.

Topics covered include:
Superheroes with PhD's
Mission trips to China
Knight Rider fraud (it depends on what your definition of "you" is)
Blacklisted ems-cee
Secret amphibious meetings with Gil Fruchy
G.I. Joe/Cobra
Gilmore Girls
Michael Jackson
80's T.V. show theme song philosophy
Bill Gaither's hair
Homeless people vs. Real people
Star Wars spoilers
Batman's nipples

Pretty much run-of-the-mill stuff, really. Thanks to those who travelled various distances to make it and to all of our families for a guy's night out. Yeah, it took 37 e-mails to sort it all out, but it was worth it.

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