Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SPC - Something New

Something New For the "Something New" portion of our theme this month, I had some ideas I was considering, but nothing about which I was particularly excited.

This opportunity presented itself completely by accident. But I figured I'd just go with it.

Something new could be wearing two different shoes to work, today. Didn't mean to -- just happened.

I'm sure it has been done before, but not by me.

I'm sure it has even been a trend at some point, but it wasn't established by me and this combo won't be starting it again.

I'll mention another quirk I have about things that are new and you can all have fun analyzing my psychosis: I have a tendency to replace something old with something new that is identical or very similar to the older version.

I have had new Chuck Taylor sneakers for at least three (3) years but primarily wear my old ones

Similar situation with these brown shoes that I usually wear to work. I usually wear the newer ones, now, but still keep the older ones in my closet. Same with my black ones.

I have a new replacement camera bag that I received as a Christmas gift (2011). It is identical to the one I carry now, only new. It still has the tags on it.

I could go on and on.

I find there is something therapeutic about getting additional use out of something old when I already have the replacement in my possession.

Anybody else do this?

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