Monday, June 18, 2012

SPC - Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed So back in 2008, I got the bug to do some "Through The Viewfinder" (TTV) shots, but didn't have any cameras that I could use this way.

A good friend from church was kind enough to allow me to borrow an old twin lens reflex (TLR) camera that he used to use but didn't anymore.

So I borrowed the camera and made a few TTV shots that I have posted here on Flickr.

I eventually bought some 120 film to shoot through the fully armed and operational battle station camera.


Those photos are here.

I even made a texture of the ground glass from this camera for use by those who do such things.

Come 2012 and the "something borrowed" SPC challenge and it came to mind.

I have made a feeble attempt to make it appear as though this shot was taken using this camera in a mirror, but it is not so. Just the trusty D40 and a horizontal image flip.

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