Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SPC - 'Black & White' - #2

...and a bw version for SPC!

Astute observers may notice that I have one wet pant leg here.  We had lunch near a rocky stream and the kids were enjoying jumping around the boulders among the stream.  I was helping the kids navigate across the trickier sections.

Harrison decided to use me and my arm as a repelling rope of sorts which had been OK the day before among similar terrain when I was wearing hiking boots and the boulders weren't quite as mossy.  Unfortunately, this time the rocks were wet and mossy and I was wearing my chucks.  Again, mostly OK, but one time he jumped out away from me when I wasn't expecting that and I lost my footing.

What you can't see in this photo is that my left hip was also soaked from when I fell and took a seat in the stream.

Could have been worse.  I managed to save D90 which I had across my shoulder.  I didn't have my camera bag with me at the time and I didn't have my iPod in my back pocket like I sometimes do.  My wallet in my left front pocket got a little wet, but nothing that wouldn't dry.  Both kids managed to stay mostly dry as well.

Pretty sure I wore my boots for all hiking/climbing activities the rest of the time.  :-)

Here's a color version of the same shot:
Every time. Hopefully more vacation photos coming soon!

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