Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo Friday - 'Soft Light'

Our last day in the Smoky Mountains, we visited Cades Cove. Somehow, the previous time we were there (3 years ago), we must not have stopped at the Cable Mill section of the loop.

 As soon as I entered this room at the Becky Cable house, I was attracted to the light pouring in to this empty room from the north-facing windows.

 I asked Christy and the kids to pose for quick portraits.

Yes -- Harrison had a bit of a shiner on his left eye. The Friday before we left for Tennessee, he lost a fight with a teeter-totter at the park. We had a running game to guess what color his eye would be the next morning.


Julia said...

They all have very similar expressions on their face!

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Yes, I think it's called "tolerance."


Mick Haupt said...

I loved the light in some of those buildings, especially the churches. It's a beautiful place. I love these of your gaggle.