Monday, December 27, 2010

SPC - 'Shine' - #3

Shine #3

Harrison turned four years old this past week and we decided to do a "Super Mario Brothers" themed party.

Well, to our surprise, our local party supply stores and commercial bakeries did not have anything ready-made for our chosen theme.

We found plates, napkins and a balloons online, but we had to improvise for the cake and some of the other decorations.

This is one of the paper stars we made for the party. I found instructions here (we just had to add the eyes with a pen).

It's been a busy week for many reasons, but I thought I might get away with this simple SP for week 3 of the 'Shine' theme.

Here's the cake we made:
I designed the cake to appear like a 1-up mushroom from the Super Mario games and Christy came up with the idea to use some fondant icing.

We used the left over icing on the gingerbread cookies for party favors. Most of them had yellow icing instead of the blue one you see here.

Finally, here's a recent portrait of the birthday boy:

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Jemit said...

Your children are growing rapidly.. and they are beautiful.